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FFP2 Black Mask

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Mask FFP2

Our FFP2 Black Masks have been manufactured with first quality materials to improve filtration and avoid contagion. This type of masks protect us from possible contagion and protect others from being infected. Thanks to their excellent fit and ergonomics, they provide excellent protection and safety. They are manufactured to reduce the emission of infectious agents from the nose and/or mouth of a virus carrier to the outside and to protect us from possible viruses that may be in the environment.

Approved according to EU regulation 2016/425 PSA EN 149.
European certification to guarantee its quality and filtration.
Not reusable.
PFE filtration>94% From the outside in (We protect ourselves from others).
BFE filtration>94%. From the outside in (We protect others).
Lightweight and comfortable.
Premium quality ear straps for better fit of European heads.
Nose adjustment element for tightness and comfort.

Before putting on the mask, wash your hands with soap or hydroalcoholic solution.
Cover your nose and mouth with the mask, tighten the elastic straps and shape the upper strap so that there are no gaps between the mask and your skin.
Avoid hand contact with the mask while you are wearing it, if you have to touch it, disinfect your hands again.
Once the mask is wet, discard it and replace it with a new one.
When changing or removing the mask, it is important to follow these instructions. Always remove it from behind by pulling the adjustable straps, avoiding touching the rest of the mask.
Throw the mask into a closed container immediately after removing it and disinfect your hands again.

Recommended period of use: 8 hours

Warnings: It is not a medical device, it is a personal protective equipment.

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